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The Series Continues Thursday, November 12

1:00 PM (CT)!

Utilizing the Global Competency Framework to take action on systemic challenges around diversity and race

Awareness2Action Global advocates for communities coming together to address global issues with the skills, values and behaviors that will prepare them to thrive in a more diverse, interconnected world as engaged citizens and as a productive workforce in the global economy.


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What is Preparing for Purpose?

P4P is Partnership of Education and Economic Development that nurtures Profession-Based Learning to Reach the Goal of Preparing People for Their Purpose

Virtual Career Week

Relive this online event that featured 20+ speakers and drew over 1,600 registered viewers of all ages across the country.

Revisit Career Week


The BASH showcased how communities can be a part of the disruption in education for the best interest of students everywhere.

Relive the Summer BASH

Global Competency Series

A2A Global brings together experts to lead participants from awareness of Global Competencies to taking action on specific issues in our communities. 

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