Day 2 - Virtual Career Week (2020)

career exploration Jun 03, 2020
In May 2020, during the global pandemic, P4P partnered with the CAPS Network and it's affiliated to bring a 4-day online event to students of ages everywhere.  Virtual Career featured 20+ speakers and drew over 1,600 registered viewers of all ages.

Relive Day 2 of the Virtual Career Week - Originated May 12, 2020

Featuring: Jeremiah Harris, Minneapolis Public School; Adam Kopp, Madak; Darius Lane, John Deere; Dr. Megan Malone, DC, Tri-County Wellness Clinic; Jennifer Lindsey, Corbion; Matt Opheim, US Bank

 Seeing the World Through Different Lenses

Jeremiah Harris, The Non-Traditional Educator; Gear Up: Minneapolis Public School
Education is Jeremiah's dream field. Go on a journey through Jeremiah's life as he shares how finding passion and accepting his calling has informed his ability to impact the lives in the communities that he serves.

What it's Like to Market with Obsession

Adam Kopp, CEO, Madak
What are the core elements of a marketing agency? What is it like to work for an agency? An overview of a boutique marketing agency where brand development and storytelling is their obsession.

To Stretch in Your Journey, Never Box Yourself In

Darius T. Lane, Marketing Specialist, John Deere
"The best way to describe me is an escape artist." - Darius Lane.
This session's focus is on advertising and marketing. BUT, that's where the "escape artist" comes into play. Learn why to never box yourself in and to continue to stretch in your journey.

Finding Hope, Health & Happiness Naturally

Dr. Megan Malone, Chiropractor & Nutritionist, Tri-County Wellness Clinic
Dr. Malone provides natural healthcare options for those seeking to take control of their health. Most of her patients suffer from debilitating autoimmune and hormonal imbalances. She loves to help people find hope, health and happiness from all-natural sources.

 How Will We Feed 9-Billion by 2050?

Jennifer Lindsey, Food Scientist and Strategic Marketer, Corbion
If you like to play with food AND understand science - does Jennifer have a career option for you! EVERYONE eats, every culture/region/country MUST eat to live. How we have a safe, enjoyable, and fun food chain is not something the Keebler elves make in the magical oak tree, a Food Scientist is a force behind everything you eat!

Careers in Banking & Finance

Matt Opheim, Vice-President, Commercial Banking, US Bank
Matthew will provide insight into relationship management, portfolio management, business development, credit administration and new client onboarding in the banking and finance industry.

Check out the rest of 2020 Virtual Career Week:

Day 1Annie Vander Werff, GTA Consulting; Latoya Goree, Edgemoor/ Clark/ Weitz/ Clarkson Construction; Dr. Ameer Musa, MD, Rush University Medical; Lauren V. Davis, Lauren Davis Creative; Jordan Gittemeier, RN, Barnes-Jewish Hospital; Tracye Julien Donovan, Donovan-Julien Holdings, Inc.; Sean Putney, Kansas City Zoo
(Originally streamed May 11, 2020)
Day 2Jeremiah Harris, Minneapolis Public School; Adam Kopp, Madak; Darius Lane, John Deere; Dr. Megan Malone, DC, Tri-County Wellness Clinic; Jennifer Lindsey, Corbion; Matt Opheim, US Bank
(Originally streamed May 12, 2020)
Day 3: Kelsey Dodson-Smith, Cambria; Marc Reifenrath, Spinutech; David Lantz, Flight Operations, NASA; Curt Hudnutt, Rabobank North America; Raja Chari, Astronaut, NASA; Heather Marquez, Mind Links, ActionCOACH
(Originally streamed May 13, 2020)
Day 4: Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer, DVM, Kansas City Zoo; Drew Motl, John Deere; Laura Heurung, Wild Isles Swimwear; Jeff Noel, Retired, Walt Disney Co.; Craig Casey, Burns & McDonnell; Zenia Bringhurst, Boston Scientific; Clifton Taulbert, Author/ Speaker
(Originally streamed May 14, 2020)
2020 Career Week was presented by the CAPS Network in partnership with Cedar Valley CAPS, MADAK and P4P.

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